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Baby Tears?

Please, help!!!!!

I want to be rid of baby tears because they spread everywhere and kill my flowers. What you can recommend?

Baby Tears?
Sorry, but the only way I can think of to get rid of them is to uproot them. Only by getting the roots out can you get rid of the whole thing. Otherwise they%26#039;ll keep coming back.
Reply:SOLEIROLIA soleirolii. baby%26#039;s tears. no june bride could do without them, no September gardener wanted them in his garden! as a wonderful filler in tens of thousands of beautiful floral arrangements each year, few know what a nasty little weed it can be in the growing in the ground. up-to 18 inches tall, spreading indefinitely (under statement) by creeping stems, it%26#039;s inconspicuous flowers are treasured by every florist, cursed by every greenhouse operator in the world. don%26#039;t plant %26#039;um in your garden! plant them in your worst enemy%26#039;s garden instead. (as long as they don%26#039;t live near you!)
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Need help with my wedding planning :( Re: Flowers!!!!?

So I have come to the point where planning for my wedding is no longer fun and it%26#039;s becoming way too stressful (for those of you 4 months away from you wedding date I am sure you can relate). I have decided to venture out and get your opinions to hopefully help in me in some way because God knows I need

For the life of me, I cannot decide what I want to do about my bridesmaids flowers. I am wearing ivory, my BM are wearing taupe with champagne sash (Bill Levkoff #966). I know 2 things for sure - I want the flowers to all be roses and I want white with baby pink roses. Now, for my girls, I just don%26#039;t know :( I do know that I want their bouqets different than mine, but I also want them to compliment mine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated =)

Need help with my wedding planning :( Re: Flowers!!!!?
You have a few options.

- You can make smaller versions of your bouquet for each girl

- or you can do smaller and single color bouquets. For example: your flowers are white and pink, their%26#039;s are all pink.

- Another option is to have the maid of honor hold one color and the bridesmaids hold bouquets made from the other color.

- Since your bouquet is white and pink roses, another option would be bouquets of pink roses with small white accents - this way, they are not the same as yours, but still have the same colors. The white accents could be baby%26#039;s breath, stephaotis, pearls, ribbon, etc.
Reply:Honestly? Ten years from now you will not care if your BM wore taupe, stripes, or polka dots. What you will care about is the memory of the moment your eyes met your new husbands and he smiled at you. Or the moment a tear escaped your eye and he brushed it away with his finger. Or the moment that ...I think you get the point. All of the planning for what amounts to one big drunken dinner party in the end is silly. So much time wasted planning one day and too little time spent planning a life. Rethink your priorities and you will never regret it.
Reply:I would suggest all pink for BM%26#039;s! If you have a Maid / Matron of Honor then Let them be one color %26amp; the bridesmaid the other
Reply:Make theirs the same but lots smaller with fewer flowers. If your florist is used to designing wedding flowers they will be happy to render suggestions to you. They should also have a book with lots of pictures to help you visualize better what they can do. Please let them handle this that is what they are there for.
Reply:I had Gerber daisies, my flowers were orange (favorite color) and my girls wore different colors. so we incorporated the flowers with their dresses.
Reply:/i would use gerber daisy%26#039;s and roses for the girls.
Reply:My bridesmaids are wearing that exact style from Bill Levkoff as well (mine are in euro-celadon though). How about hydrangeas in shades of ivory/cream/pale green with pale pink antique roses interspersed. The flowers will be a variation of your bouquet, and cream/pink/pale green is a superb color combo! I have seen that exact palette and trust me, it%26#039;s exquisite.
Reply:I would suggest using the same colours that yours will be and then add in a completely different colour to compliment the white and pink. Maybe a purple or a blue colour to give it some punch. Their arrangements should be smaller than your own.


What is more sweet, a baby's smile or small flower?

its aami%26#039;s smile! thats my world.

What is more sweet, a baby%26#039;s smile or small flower?
baby smile
Reply:a babies smile
Reply:A baby%26#039;s smile
Reply:A baby%26#039;s smile
Reply:the baby%26#039;s smile as he/she holds a small flower
Reply:a baby%26#039;s smile because you know that something good put it there.
Reply:None of the above. my face is the answer.
Reply:Baby%26#039;s smile
Reply:You cannot compare them two because one is used to compare the other. But theoretically a baby`s smile is the sweetest and cutest thing in the whole world.
Reply:My daughters smile would be the best answer, but a babys smile for me!


A mother rabbit had her babies last night in my flowers will she move them to a safe place?

aww thats so cute...yes she will


A mother rabbit had her babies last night in my flowers will she move them to a safe place?
Not until they are a few weeks old, in the mean time make sure she isn%26#039;t disturbed by pets or people.
Reply:She thinks she%26#039;s already chosen a safe spot (or she wouldn%26#039;t have given birth there). Please help support her decision by making sure it stays safe for her %26amp; her little family. :) Unfortunately, there aren%26#039;t many safe spots left for wildlife anymore. :(

I always try to help Mother Nature whenever I can. :)
Reply:That sounds like a nice safe place to me.
Reply:If you are a caring person, it would be a good idea to provide her with a nice box or sth. to make her nest. But make sure it is safe from dogs, cats and foxes.
Reply:The rabbit won%26#039;t move the babies. Routinely the rabbits have babies in my back yard and often abandoned them. My dog goes out there and starts eating them and then I have to go out there with a shovel and heave the half eaten carcasses over the fence with a shovel into my neighbors yard.

My dog is a beagle, she loves WABBIT!!!!

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Baby Rabbit nest in yard?

Just today we found a baby rabbit nest in our back yard behind some flowers. this is not the first time, and we are rather acoustomed to it however we have hit a bump in the road. Our yellow lab noticed the nest and started digging in there. It appers that none of the babys are harmed, however we are worried she will do it again. Last year when she saw a baby rabbit hopping through our yard she caught and killed it. What hsould we do to protect these rabbits from our dog? Also, in the event the mother does not return to the nest, what so we do?

Baby Rabbit nest in yard?
I would put up some of that wire fencing that you can stick in the ground. It has large holes that mamma rabbit can go through, but should help to keep your lab out.

You might also try keeping your dog on a leash for a couple weeks while she is out in the yard. That way the baby bunnies will have time to mature and leave the nest.

As far as what happens if the mother does not return to the nest.... Well, let me just say, it is extremely hard to raise wild baby rabbits. I have tried a couple of times and not had any success. It was very sad. However, it is not completely out of the question, because I know someone who has done it.

Good luck!!
Reply:I agree with the others here saying keep the dog confined for a couple weeks and leave the nest alone. The mother rabbit will likely return if it%26#039;s safe to do so - just leave it alone and keep the dog away from it. In a couple weeks the babies will be big enough to survive. Few survive with messing with them and taking them away from the mother, even when fostered onto domestic rabbits.

I%26#039;d hesitate putting too much up that looks different - if the mother rabbit thinks it%26#039;s unsafe she may hesitate to return. Keep in mind rabbits only nurse a couple times a may not SEE her come back. If you check the babies their bellies will be full.
Reply:Keep your dog inside or on a leash to be safe, and let nature run its course. As long as humans don%26#039;t interfere, the mother will return to look and feed her young. My only advice is to keep your dog away but dont wire up the area because the mother might nto be able to return.
Reply:1.) first you have to call animal control.

2.) You need to keep your dog on a leash or a inside, there is no question about it you have to call animal control.

3.) animal control can also put down something that will keep the bunnies away.

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What pink flower names are also used as baby names?

Like, is Lily a pink flower? Help please =D thx

What pink flower names are also used as baby names?
Some of these are common and some uncommon, but all would work as a name depending on your preference. Picture of each variety in pink provided.


















Reply:jazmine! its really pretty but i don%26#039;t know if its pink!
Reply:Cherry, Rose, Rhododendron, peonia.gladiolus


gerbera (not sure if this is a good name!)

Reply:Pink flowers that can be used as names are Heather - this is a really nice bright pink flower, Ginger - a nice tropical pink flower, Rosita, is a pink rose. Lily is a flower that comes in white, yellow, orange, and pink, but if you want pink lily, the specific name is Stargazer. I hope this helps.
Reply:Any flower can be pink really, just dye it!
Reply:Rhododendron, sakura... and yes, some lillies are pink. Search %26#039;pink lily%26#039; on google and see what comes up. Also: %26lt;-- is a pink lily.

Or you could just search %26#039;pink flower%26#039; and see what comes up if you%26#039;re looking for pink flower names. I also suggest looking for the latin names of the flowers too. Those might be pretty.

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What are your favorite flowers to receive in a bouquet or see in a garden?

White Dogwood...yard



Carnations %26amp; Baby%26#039;s Breath...bouquet. Unbelievable frangrance and beauty of flowers.

What are your favorite flowers to receive in a bouquet or see in a garden?
Callalillies are my favorite flower. Orchids are beatiful also!
Reply:I love receiving pink carnations, they smell so wonderful and they last forever. In a garden--any flower they are all so beautiful especially a big variety. My favorite is probably in May when the lilacs come out....mmmmmm can almost smell them now. : )
Reply:Roses,baby%26#039;s breath,tulips and lillies.

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